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Halloween Continued…

Since my last post was about my Na’vi Halloween, I thought I’d continue the theme with my pumpkin carving on All Hallows.  Usually I do something pretty traditional with a Jack-o-Lantern grin, but this year I wanted to mix it up.  One of the pumpkins I carved was inspired by my two cats, Jack and Rascal.  Both are utterly adorable, but it was Jack who particularly inspired this carving.  Jack is a red classic tabby, which in common speak is orange.  He’s a nice pumpkin orange, in fact.

Kitty Carving

As you can see in the photos, I carved a cat-face on my pumpkin, and I think it matches the inspiration rather well.  Usually I draw the design on first with a Sharpie marker.  (The black lines can later be removed with fingernail-polish remover and a cotton ball.)  Then I cut out the negative spaces of the design with sharp knives and tools from a pumpkin-carving kit.  This grinning kitty Jack-o-Lantern (ironically inspired by a cat named Jack) sat on our steps Halloween night and greeted all zero of our trick-or-treaters!  Belated happy Halloween everyone!


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  2. Too bad the Jack o’lantern face is turned directly toward us when Jack is looking directly at the camera. Cat’s are going to be that cooperative though.

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