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Lately a lot of my views have come from search engine results for recycled Christmas ornaments, or ornaments from plastic bottles.  They (happily) end up at my blog, being directed to my Recycled Ornaments post.  Curious as to what else such searches might turn up, I toddled off to Google search.

Denim ornaments from Michele Made Me

One result led me to a blog called Michele Made Me.  This woman’s creativity is just stunning, and better yet, most of her projects are made from reused materials!  If you’re interested in making more recycled ornaments, be sure to check out her denim Christmas tree tutorial, toilet paper tube ornaments tutorial, and her plastic bottle ornament tutorial.  Nevermind, just visit her entire blog!  There are lots of amazing Christmas decoration ideas handcrafted from reused materials.  Personally, her feast of the flowers series was my favorite.

motherboard ornaments featured on Our Everyday Earth

Next I came upon a noteworthy Flickr album featuring reused glass bottle ornaments very similar to my foundation bottle ornament in my Recycled Ornaments post.

Another article featured a variety of different reused material ornaments.  My favorites were the “motherboard” ornaments and the ones made out of bike chains.

If you have any recycled material ornament ideas you’d like to share, please speak up!  That’s it for now.  Maybe next time I’ll search YouTube for more sustainable ornament crafts!


Comments on: "Recycled Ornaments and Projects Continued…" (2)

  1. Hi Netnoe,

    Thought I’d stop by and thank you for featuring my crafty blog. So cool when it happens spontaneously like this!

    Have a lovely holiday season,


    • Thank you Michele!

      Your blog was just so impressive I couldn’t let it slide by without featuring it. I really enjoy looking at the wide variety of projects you apply your creativity to, and I’m sure others do too.


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