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Music and song often spark creativity in artists, and the song “All the Colors of the Wind” from Disney’s Pocahontas always inspired me.  I find the idea of painting with the colors of the wind intriguing.  It’s like imagining all the colors we are unable to see, colors that may be out there but we have no words for them.  The concept is mind-boggling.


Comments on: "Paint With all the Colors of the Wind" (4)

  1. Just so you know Net, I’m able to see your posts to the first one, and all of your widgets.

  2. Sarah Parrish said:

    Netnoe, you may or may not have heard me talk about Synesthesia.

    Some of us, when we hear sounds, we see colors. I often talk about a song being yellow or purple or red, and when I paint, I paint with those colors. I paint those songs. And each color has an emotional value–some of them are comforting and some are frightening and some are just painful. It’s kind of a cool experience, actually.

    • Yes, Sarah, I distinctly remember that. I sort of wish I had that extra sense. Didn’t Mozart “hear” in colors?

      • Sarah Parrish said:

        Quite possibly, I’m not sure. I know for me, each note has a different color. A’s are red, E’s are green, B’s are Blue, C’s are Yellow, etc. Maybe I should do an experiment to find out if the color I “hear” is related to the key the song is in? 🙂

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