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A Momentous Week

It’s been a while since my last post because the term is winding down and I’ve been very busy.  This has been an exciting week for me and my art, with several artistic milestones.

  1. I received news that I won the recycled ornament contest hosted by the school.  If they follow through, I will receive a pair of TOMS shoes as my reward.  I’m really curious about which ornament won, or if it was an overall effort that clinched the victory.  The details are all rather vague, but I’m too excited to care.
  2. The latest edition of the student newspaper, the COYOTE, has a cover page of my art, as well as an Artist Feature page about me.  This is my first year illustrating for the COYOTE, and I had never done a cover design before this point.  It was pretty exciting to have my work published. 😀  (The original artwork is wider than what graces the cover.  Some cropping was necessary)
  3. Not only did I get to have my work featured in the newspaper this week, but I also got to have a piece featured in a student art  display until the 10th.  Each student, of all those enrolled in the fall art classes, selected his or her favorite/best piece (be it drawing, painting, ceramic etc.) to be displayed in a communal student show.  Today was the formal opening of the display, with music and refreshments.  It was a small affair, but an exciting milestone for me – my first art gallery display, even if it was rather casual.

My artwork as the cover of the COYOTE issue #5.


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