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Paper Snowflakes

Friday night I spent some time cutting out paper snowflakes with friends.  Making paper snowflakes is fun for all ages, and the peaceful snipping of the scissors  brought back a lot of memories of cutting out paper snowflakes with my mother.  I used to have the book Paper Snowflakes Made Easy by Robert P. Kelley.  It’s for sale pretty cheap on Amazon, but I’m not sure where else you could buy a new copy. The book had easy instructions on how to fold the paper, and included dozens of patterns ready to copy and cut.  The key to beautiful symmetrical snowflakes is how you fold the paper.  You can always go the easy route and fold your paper into quarters, but the best way is to fold it so as to get twelve sides.  Here’s a simple step-by step video on how to fancy fold your paper:

(Remember to start with a perfectly square piece of paper, or it won’t work.)
Since it looks like there aren’t too many of Robert Kelley’s Snowflakes Made Easy available, Cindy Higham’s Snowflakes for All Seasons: 72 Fold & Cut Paper Snowflakes and Brenda Reed’s Easy-to-Make Decorative Paper Snowflakes look very similar and inexpensive.

No two snowflakes are alike, so have fun creating!


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