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Lily Door

NEWSFLASH!  Update on the door painting, which is now finished!  Yay!

My final exams are over now, as of Thursday evening, so I spent my newfound free time doing what else – art.  I’d been dying to finish the Stargazer lily I started on my dorm room door this weekend.  I’m quite pleased with the end result, but I may make a few touch-ups as issues appear out to me.  Here’s a slideshow of the process:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the finished product:

Stargazer Lily Dorm Door


Comments on: "Lily Door" (4)

  1. Sarah Parrish said:

    It turned out really amazing! Pity the person that gets your room next year and decides to paint over it. 😉

    • I had to accept that possibility going into this project. It’s sort of like window painting, where you know whatever you create will inevitably be washed away. I just hope the next person who lives there will like lilies as much as I do.

  2. Can you just get the same room??? Or buy your door?

    • The chances of me getting the same room are actually very high, but unfortunately I do not think I want to live there again. I’m not sure. It’s perfect for me but very lonely. I’m seriously considering living off campus nearby.

      I doubt I could buy the door. 😉 If I did I’d have to pay some exorbitant fee.

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