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Snow Play

It’s been snowing a lot here in the valley, and it’s the type of snow perfect for playing in!  Snow men, snowball fights, sledding… lots of the white fluffy stuff for having fun.  I spent most of Sunday taking advantage of my break to play in the snow.  As much as I detest the mushy aftermath of a snowfall, I love the creativity snow brings out in the everyday person.  Playing in the snow can be as complex as you like, but the ephemeral nature of snow generally forces us to compromise towards more primitive creations. (Most) people don’t take snow too seriously, and it allows us to relax into creative auras free of anxious comparisons of good, better, best.  People don’t worry about whether their snowman actually looks like a man but instead enjoy the relaxing process of creating something.  Snow angels, snowballs, snowmen, and other snow sculptures… fresh fallen snow brings out the best creativity within all of us.  So the next time the flurries start to fall, take a break to go out and spend some meditative creative quality time in the simplicity of snow.  You won’t regret it. 


Comments on: "Snow Play" (1)

  1. Sarah Parrish said:

    I really do enjoy your snow-cat.

    Also, if fate allows, you and I should get together after a really good snow fall and make a REAL snowman. 😉 I think with our combined knowledge of the human figure and a lot of compact snow, we can accomplish something.

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