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Coat Thank You Card

Yesterday night I attended a women’s organization presentation on vintage clothes.  I wanted to make a custom thank you for the hostess.  I settled on the concept of a card shaped like the vintage wool coats that so tickled my hostess’s fancy.  I’ve yet to write a custom message on the inside.


Comments on: "Coat Thank You Card" (5)

  1. It needs a little pillbox hat to with it!

  2. Sarah Parrish said:

    That is amazing! 😀

  3. Hi Netnoe!

    Such a great little card! I’m glad my ramblings were of some use to you. 🙂

    May I ask if it’s okay for me to blog about this tomorrow? If so, I will provide links to both this project and your site.

    Do let me know,


    • Oh Michele, I would be honored! Yes, you certainly may. Thank you again for the butter knife tip. Now I just need to try some of the other suggestions – especially the backscratcher! 😛

  4. That card is just adorable! It’s very nicely done!

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