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Glassware Birdfeeder

In my last post I mentioned attending a presentation on vintage clothes.  The presentation was done by my mother on her mother’s (my grandmother’s) clothing from years past.  As a thank you for doing the presentation, the women’s organization who hosted it gave my mother a thank you gift of a bird feeder.  This bird feeder is so creative and darling I just had to share it.  The artist who created it had great vision, and I thought other creative minds out there would appreciate his or her efforts.  The birdfeeder was created by Classy Glass Bird Feeders, owned by Bee Wee and Danny Downs.  The business card says they’re located in Emmett, ID, but I was unable to locate a website.  (If you’d like to contact them, let me know and I’ll give you their email.) 

As you can see in the photograph, the feeder was created with various glassware saucers and bowls, as well as an upside-down glass jar rigged so as to be unscrewed and refilled with birdseed when necessary.  I think the design is very cutesy and might appeal to vintage/antique collectors and glassware fans.

Classy Glass Bird Feeder - from Emmett, ID


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