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Ansel Adams

One of my greatest sources of inspiration is nature.  In a world becoming increasingly industrialized and fueled by time, I lament that so many people are too busy to open their eyes to the beauty of nature.  One artist, photographer Ansel Adams, shared my love of nature and spent his fair share of time admiring it.  Adams’s photography captures the feeling of the sublime in nature – the breathtaking enormity of the grandeur of the world. 

I love his photography because of the crispness of the images and the rich contrasts of black and white.  When I look at his photography I sometimes feel as though I am seeing the world for the first time.  That feeling of stepping outdoors on a cold day, when the air is perfectly clear and frost is on the ground.  Your senses are heightened to an unusual awareness of everything around you as the nerves in your skin tingle gently.  As you inhale the freezing air gently bites, reminding you of the systems at work internally.  Externally the air is still and quiet, the absolute lack of sound like a bucket of water dowsing you into alertness.  It’s as if time stands still and the world has crystallized into a state of perpetual tranquility.  That’s how Ansel Adams’s photographs make me feel.

The Tetons and the Snake River by Ansel Adams. One of my favorites.

I hope that you, too, will enjoy his work.  You can some of his work and information herehere, here, and here.  Search engines will also bring up a wealth of ways to admire his legacy.

If you use Google and customize your page, I highly recommend the Ansel Adams Nature Photography of the Day gadget.  Each day a new Ansel Adams photograph is displayed on your iGoogle page.  Sometimes they’re repeated, but all of the photography is so stunning I don’t mind looking at the same ones.


Comments on: "Ansel Adams" (2)

  1. Seems like the detail of the image in places is demphasized to focus more on the moutains.

  2. I was fortunate to find an Ansel Adam’s calendar 10 years ago. I treasure it. My plan is to frame each photograph. I love his work. You can feel this type of photography. Ansel Adams is truly awesome and his work is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing!

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