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Wet Weather

I’d have to say this is probably the wettest winter in my memory (not saying much).  So much rain, hail, sleet and snow, it’s a good thing I bought a pair of rainboots last fall. 🙂

I know this news is over a week old, but I wanted to share one particularly fun day I had last Wednesday.  As I was walking back to the dorms from my class, I noticed a large cloud dumping a sheet of rain nearby.  I went to my room and grabbed my camera, and headed out to try to capture the shot. 

After I got to the front of the building I noticed some other nice storm cloud formations.  I was particularly attracted to the contrast of one heavy, black cloud against the blue sky and fluffy white clouds behind it.

After taking a few snaps of that there was an ominous rumble – thunder!  Disregarding all instincts to run from the trees and take cover, I instead continued to try to capture some nice cloud photographs.  I was momentarily distracted by some really vicious looking thorns on a nearby tree.

It was just about then that the clouds began to dump hail on me!  I skedaddled back to the dorms for a brief respite from the worst of the weather and double-checked that my camera wasn’t wet.  As the hail gathered on the ground outside I noticed I was more than a little wet.  Then, as I went back upstairs I ran into a friend who, by chance, was looking for me!  She claimed she was looking for me because she knew I wouldn’t mind running around in the rain with her – and she was right!  I switched into my rainboots and off we went, back out into the rain.

So we walked, ran, skipped, and maybe even danced a little bit in the rain.  As we inhaled the smell of fresh rain (the hail had changed to rain) and relished the refreshing drops on our faces, it was good, carefree fun.  Eventually I bid adieu to my friend and went back for my camera.  I had spied some more beautiful cloud formations, and the puddles were making fantastic ripples from the still falling rain.  I discovered my “continual” shot mode on my camera and spent a few minutes gazing into the murky yet reflective puddles. 

I finished the afternoon – and the storm – rejuvenated and content, having spent some quality time with a friend, my camera, and Mother Nature, and I hope you enjoy the pictures I took and my unexpected adventure.  May you all weather your storms and come out with rainbows.


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