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Moss & Lichens


Last week, while on a field trip for a natural history course I spotted this clump of moss and just had to take a picture of it.  Unfortunately the settings weren’t quite right on my camera, so the color got a bit distorted.  But you can get the idea.  I just had to take a picture of this moss because it’s so colorful!  In this one clump, smaller than the size of my fist, you can see dark green, bright green, olive-green, yellow, orange, rust, and even hints of pink!  It was a pleasant surprise of natural color diversity.

Seeing all the different hues in the moss reminded me of another natural source of unexpected colors: lichens.  I always enjoy looking at really old rocks and seeing how many different colors of lichens I can find.  I remember on my field trip I saw quite a number, but didn’t think to take any pictures.  But I do have some pictures I took from my trip to Yellowstone.  Just look at all the colors on these rocks!  I can spy white, deep gray, orange, salmon, chartreuse, pale sage, purplish-white, and a brownish-peach.  These rocks rival an artist’s palette in their variety of colors!  I find it amusing that something so colorful, so decorated, goes overlooked and unnoticed so much of the time.


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