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Art Inspired Outfits

Today a friend introduced me to the fantastic work of Georgina on Polyvore.  Several collections of her work are focused on fashionable outfits inspired by famous artwork.  Georgina interprets the colors, mood, pattern, movement and more into articles of clothing with fabrics and cuts which convey these aspects of the art.  Sometimes she finds a modern take on the clothing worn in the art, while other times, when no figure/clothing is depicted, she translates the artwork into an outfit that conveys the core of the piece. 

I cannot express how much I adore her creations!  They’re such beautiful interpretations, and so fashionable!  I love how the outfits pair so beautifully with the inspiration pieces, but even when viewed out of context they remain absolutely fabulous! 

The Scream by Edvard Munch
Vincent Van Gogh


Mary Cassatt


Johannes Vermeer
Oh, Georgia...
Van Eyck

I can share a few selections from Georgina’s art history collections, but because I don’t want to infringe upon her rights, I’ll limit how many I share here.  Instead, I encourage you to visit her many collection pages on Polyvore.  Enjoy the vast variety of her vision.


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