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Spring has slowly and sneakily crept up on us.  It has been coy, hiding its face behind rain clouds, cold winds and bitter temperatures, but it’s just around the corner.  For weeks, no, months, it has played with us.  But I think it’s fair to say that spring has finally sprung (knock on wood), even if it chooses to manifest itself as constant spring showers. 

Winter wears me out.  In Idaho winter means gray.  Color is seeped out of the world and everything becomes monochromatic.  Gray, gray, gray.  So when I first spot a tuffet of green grass or a yellow crocus peeping timidly out of the ground, I get really excited!  I’ve been photo-documenting some of these precious signs of spring, celebrating each piece of evidence that winter is finally on the way out.  I hope they give you cause for hope too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Comments on: "Springtime" (2)

  1. That’s a two slide slide show correct???

    I should do this!

  2. Its more than two. I didn’t watch long enough. My apologies.

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