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My Current Events

Well, I finally have a moment to update my blog.  How I have missed thee.  I’ve been busy working to insanity with the final week of classes before final examinations next week.  Long hours and few breaks have left me no time to update you all with interesting posts.  I’ll start off with some current events in my life that I’d like to share.  Although most of you strangers could probably care less, this is sort of an artistic diary for myself and friends and family that care to check in on my artistic path.

  1. Matthew Barney is going to speak at my college’s graduation ceremony!  He’s a famous contemporary artist, one of the most famous of America.  He grew up close by in Boise, Idaho, before moving on to greatness in the art world.  The Art Department here on campus is all atwitter in our excitement!
  2. The College of Idaho opened its Senior Art Exhibition on May fourth, titled Equipoise.  Their work will continue to be on display until graduation.  If you live in the area I highly encourage you to visit Rosenthall Gallery and appreciate the hard work of these aspiring artists.
  3. The Art Department at the college recently held an exhibition of student work.  I had two pieces exhibited.  A pointilism cat painting and a conceptual art proposal.  Sadly we held a closing reception on Thursday and the pieces are now being taken down.
  4. I finished my final project for Intro to Design.  I hope to post pictures of it soon, with an accompanying description + explanation.
  5. Lots of other projects and ideas waiting for time to be shared.  In particular, I have a lot of concept+philosophy posts on art history and modern art just waiting to happen!

My pointilism acrylic painting of my cat, Jack.


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