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I attended the graduation commencement of the College of Idaho’s Class of 2011 on Saturday.  I got to congratulate some friends and listen to the speech of Internationally Acclaimed artist Matthew Barney.  Barney was chosen to give the commencement address and was also the recipient of an honorary degree from the college.

Barney spoke about our connections to nature  with metaphors about the wandering ways of coyotes (our mascot!) and honeybees.  He spoke of the importance of adaptability and how important it can be to get lost now and then.  He even discussed Joseph Beuys performance piece, I Like America and America Likes Me.  He made connections to humiliation and failure and how they can lead to growth.  But his central idea seemed to tie all these in to remembering our roots and utilizing our toolbox of experiences.  Barney spoke very thoughtfully and articulately, with a soft-spoken voice.  His words were often deep and methodical, but he also threw in some humor with amusing stories from his childhood.  His speech was quite long, and afterwards the college conferred upon him an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

Guest speaker Matthew Barney giving the commencement address.


President Marv Henberg conferring upon Matthew Barney an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

 Photos courtesy of the College of Idaho’s Facebook page


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  1. […] Except at the time, I had no idea it was Aimee Mullins, or even who Aimee Mullins was.  The first time I saw that image was probably two years ago, in a college modern art class.  The photo was in my textbook, describing the Cremaster Cycle (<–Wikipedia explanation.  Actual website here.) by Matthew Barney.  (I blogged once before about Matthew Barney here.) […]

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