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Upcycled Purse

A while back I bought some new bed sheets, and they came wrapped in a matching fabric bag with snaps.  This was a perfectly good bag that might otherwise be discarded as “packaging.”  But it called to me to make something useful out of it.  So why not add to what was already there and make a purse?  It took me a while to get around to it, but I finally finished this upcycled purse.

  1. Here is the fabric bag the sheets came in, complete with a snap cover.
  2. With the help of my mother, who has a gromet tool, we added metal gromets, one on each side, near the seams.  These provide a sturdy, no-fray opening for the strap.
  3. Then choose a material for the strap.  I thought about braiding yarn or ribbon, or stringing beads together.  I settled on an old necklace from a yard sale, one that had been sitting in my craft stash waiting for a purpose.  It was sort of like a mardi-gras necklace, so you could use one of those instead.  I then pulled the necklace apart where the two ends had been stuck together with a small wire.  Alternatively you could cut it with scissors.
  4. String one end through a gromet hole, then pull it around to form a loop.  Then use jewelry wires to wrap around the necklace string, between beads, and twist the wire to secure your loop.  Repeat with the other side.
  5. Voila!  A completed upcycled purse.  This project could be enhanced with a fancier, or sturdier, purse strap as well as a liner for the purse bag itself.  Pins, stencil prints or other adornments could be used to make the bag more interesting.

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