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Marbeling Potential

In the process of my jewelry-making adventures I happened upon inspiration with great potential.  I tried a nail polish marbling technique upon some clay tablet beads I’d made, but because I wanted to experiment first I tested upon a plastic bottle cap from some orange juice.  The nail polish seemed to grip and coat pretty well, aside from some lingering water bubbles in the paint.  I think using a nail polish or spray paint marbling technique on plastic bottle caps could produce some interesting jewelry.  I’m not sure if the final product is passable for classy, everyday jewelry, but it would make some bright, fun costume jewelry for children.  Just marble the caps and pierce them with a hot poker to string them together.

Nail polish marbling applied to plastic bottle caps, before and after.

In case you were wondering about the marbling technique I’m describing, a good tutorial (applied to nails) can be found here:

The Youtube user luxuriousnails has a plethora of similar videos you can watch to get the hang of it.


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