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Monkey Graffiti

A while back I spotted some spectacular graffiti on the side of a train.  Two separate cars featured massive ape faces rendered with surprising realism.  I wanted to stop and take a picture but decided against it, and regretted it ever since.

Yesterday I was driving through the same area and spotted another car with monkey graffiti.  It’s a different design, but undoubtedly by the same graffiti artist.  This time I made a point to stop and take photos of it.

UPDATE: 08/24/2011
I have since made it a goal of mine to chronicle the different monkey graffiti I encounter on this particular set of tracks, and I’ve photographed several since.  These graffiti are definitely a step above the amateur scribbles all too common on the sides of train cars, and I think the clear effort put into them makes them worthy of being called art.


Comments on: "Monkey Graffiti" (3)

  1. Nice shots! Whereabouts are the tracks you’re seeing these monkeys on? I’ve been getting some shots of these incredible pieces in/around the Sacramento rails. This artist(s) have quickly become my favorite to hunt down during my benching adventures. My two shots so far are different than the ones you have here.

    • I’ve been seeing these on a set of rails that runs through Caldwell, Idaho. I’m not sure where the train cars go to, so it’s very possible they connect with yours in Sacramento. Recently I’ve seen some new ones but was unable to stop and take photos. One was a close-up of a monkey face, resting on it’s palm. The other was a small full-body shot of a monkey carrying a paint roller.

  2. lunabugs said:

    Very cool. It’s such a big part of the “obsession”. Knowing that you might miss the shot, and it’s just all a memory. And it keeps rolling to who knows where… Love the freight trains.
    Through some research, I think these are done by an artist that goes by “Five”.
    I’m hooked on these monkeys, and trying to hunt them down.
    Kudos again on these catches. Choochoo 🙂

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