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The Palette As Art

Painter’s palettes are typically viewed as just tools used to create a painting.  But what if we turn around and look at the palette itself as a piece of art?  Think of it as a canvas in a different form.  Does it not transform with the application of paint, developing under the artist’s hand, just as a painting does?

I particularly am fascinated by this state of transformation because I leave the paint on my palette to dry, instead of washing it off.  I find it more convenient to peel it off once sufficiently thick layers have accumulated.  So my palettes can go for a long period of time, transforming in colors and layers to reflect whatever I’m working on.  These mountains of dried paint can create some really beautiful abstract images.

When I finally do decide to peel off the paint, the results can be surprising.  Sometimes the unseen underside of the paint layers is just as intriguing as the outer, visible layer.  The waves of color underneath reveal the progression of my paintings, going back in time to show the very first layers I put down.

Because I view my palettes as stand alone art I have hung them on my dorm room wall.  This is a functional way of storing them within easy reach while also displaying them as decorations with a personal touch.


Comments on: "The Palette As Art" (1)

  1. J. Christina Hodgson said:

    ‎”I got half-a-dozen paintings from that shattered plate.” ~Georgia O’Keefe

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