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Comments on: "Steal Copy Imitate Reference Inspired" (1)

  1. J. Christina Hodgson said:

    I think you’ve posted some Banksy graffiti before. It’s cute to see the scribbling out of Picasso’s name and the claiming of the sentiment by Banksy, a true example of stealing ideas as well as imagery.

    Looking at the work doesn’t make me think the actual Banksy had anything to do with it. My guess is that an artist crafted an engraved marble inscription, made it look like it had been smashed out of a wall and stolen (in acknowledgement of the words approving of stealing) and that same artist created a “theft,” supposedly by Banksy, of even the words themselves.

    But who’s to say, it’s always possible the artist who did this sculpture is himself/herself actually Banksy, the anonymous genius.

    It’s a many-layered work of irony at any rate. A convoluted thought problem. I like!

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