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Owl with an Edge

The following painting is a project I did for my Little Sister of KKG.  At the time I made it, I couldn’t make this post for fear the surprise would be ruined.  Now that the cat’s out of the bag and I have some time on my hands, I’m free to share it with you.

The owl is the symbolic creature of KKG.  Red is my Little’s favorite color.  So, with black to evoke night, I painted this barn owl in black, white and red.  It’s painted on stretched canvas with acrylic paint, and it took surprisingly little time.  I’m guessing under eight hours, though I wasn’t keeping track.

The nature of the red paint gives it a violent look, though I was trying to avoid this connotation.  I hoped to evoke more of a serene and mysterious feeling.  I’m happy with the finished product, though I struggled to get the feet right.  I guess bird feet are just always awkward. 😛

I also scratched into the wet paint of the background, trying out a technique I learned from a classmate.  I think it adds a modern edge to the painting.


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