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Rooster Necklace

My cousin has had two Barred Plymouth Rock roosters for pets, both of which she adored.  I thought it would be a creative and personalized gift to create her a custom rooster necklace, similar to some of the owl necklaces I’ve been making lately.

To start off, I shaped some black sculpey clay into a flat, rooster-shaped charm, paying particular attention to the tail feathers.  I added a small red comb to the top of his head.  Then I inserted a jewelry wire through the middle, and baked it for about 10 minutes at 275 F.  After baking and cooling, I used white paint and a very fine liner brush to paint on the white stripes of the  Barred Plymouth Rock.  I also added a little more red around the comb, and painted some yellow on the beak.  After allowing the paint to dry, I sealed it with a quick spray of fixative, followed my a clear coating of lacquer.  (I found out the hard way that sometimes the lacquer eats away my acrylic paint, but the fixative layer prevents this from happening.)  After further drying I curled the ends of the jewelry wire into loops.  On the top loop I connected a jump ring, through which to string ribbon.  On the bottom I hung a charm, consisting of a real feather from one of my cousin’s roosters.  I put a couple of coordinating beads on shaft of the feather before clamping the top with a special metal piece.

My cousin loved it, and raved about it.  Although I worry about the feather charm being buffeted around, I’m certain it can be repaired if needed.  I’m so glad my cousin was so pleased with her Christmas gift, and I look forward to seeing her wear it again.


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