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Watering Can Fan

Watering Can Fan – and no, I don’t mean a fan of the rotating blades sort, I mean an avid collector.  A distant family member of mine collects watering cans, so when it came time to find her a birthday gift, my dad requested I make her some sort of watering can jewelry.  Thus inspired, I molded a small watering can out of baking clay, and impressed a small jewel on the front.  I also made sure to punch a small hole in the top lip of the can before baking the charm, as well as insert a wire loop in the bottom.  These would be used to string the watering can with a jump ring, and to hang a charm off of the bottom.  Once it baked I painted a thin layer of clear lacquer for a glossy finish.  I completed the piece with some glass crystals, decorative beads, and a chain necklace.


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