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Sushi Necklace

Here’s yet another gift-inspired piece of jewelry.  A close friend of mine loves sushi, so I decided to make her a necklace with a tray of sushi made of baking clay.  I admit I was inspired by a slew of miniature food jewelry I spied on Etsy.  I made logs of clay with the millefiore technique, which, when sliced, became my California-rolls.  The others were simply small squares of cream clay with salmon-colored clay on top, to imitate meat strips, and wrapped with a tiny strip of black clay.  All the pieces were put on a thin rectangle of grey clay which acted as the tray.

After the basic charm was completed, I cut the tips off of two toothpicks, turned them black with a sharpie marker, and glued them alongside the clay sushi.  I coated the whole piece with a clear coat of lacquer before hanging it on a chain.


Comments on: "Sushi Necklace" (2)

  1. kissmebutterfly said:

    Hi there, I am a friend of Ashlee’s she told me about your blog. I love the jewelry that you have on here and this one… I have to have this necklace!! Please let me know how much!!!

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