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Welding Sparks

I noticed a lot of people have been discovering my blog through search engine results for “welding,” or “welding sparks.”  Not wanting to disappoint you with my Welder post, I decided to oblige with some of the photos I took for reference when painting that commission.  I hope this helps you, mysterious Google searchers.

A big thank you goes to 4th Street Fabrication for making these photos possible.

P.S.  Don’t worry about that “never look directly at the arc while welding” thing.  I was wearing a welding helmet when I took these pictures, so my eyes were protected.  The screen on my digital camera was bright enough for me to see through the darkened lens, and thus I was able to see what I was taking pictures of.  My eyes were protected and perfectly safe.


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  1. […] After some discussion I settled on the image of a hunched-over welder lit with eerie light by the sparks of his welding arc.  I painted the image with acrylic paint and enamels on a large sheet of plexiglass.  It took me […]

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