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Portrait Progress

It’s the end of week two of our month long winter term.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s wearing on me.  I used to say “I could do art all day long!” or “I wish art was the only class I had.”  I still love art, I truly do, but having art classes for six hours a day is beginning to try my patience.  It becomes physically exhausting, being hunched over a drawing board, fingers tightly gripped around a small pencil, eyes straining to see details.  When I’m not drawing I’m making jewelry, and my finger tips are covered in tiny nicks and cuts from the sharp ends of cut wire.

But all griping aside, I feel that I’m making a lot of progress in both classes, especially so in the portraits.  I’ve been practicing drawing the features for most of my homework assignments (in a sketch book), and I can see evidence of this practice showing up in my live-model  class drawings.  The features are looking more realistic, and I’m getting a little bit closer to making my pictures accurately resemble the models.

Since this homework has been helping me a lot, and it’s fun to watch my progression, I thought I’d share some of my practice in my sketchbook.  Keep in mind that I do better at replicating portraits from 2D photos than I do with real models.  Some of the drawings are studies of David Cobley’s paintings, and were assigned by my professor.


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