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While on a Google image search, I happened upon a beautiful piece of artwork.  Intrigued, I clicked to find out more.  I was led to the Etsy shop of Susanna Shap, ModernHouseArt.

Artwork by Susanna Shap

The piece that initially attracted me is a lovely palette-knife impasto abstract design, in a range of colors arranged on a backdrop of black.  In my mind it resembles the scaley pattern of alligator skin, but I don’t know if that’s what the artist intended.

As I explored Susanna’s shop, I discovered a range of other pieces created with her signature palette-knife impasto.  Some of my other favorites included solid-colored abstract impasto squares, blossoming trees, leopards, poppies and peacocks.
Artwork by Susanna Shap

Art by Susanna Shap

Art by Susanna Shap

When asked about her work, the Pennsylvania artist said:

It took me years of hard work, experimenting, and lots of trial and error to develop this technique properly and I honestly feel that those steps are important for each individual artist to go through in order to develop their own best work… creative people MUST walk to beat of their own drum.

With the artist’s permission, I am including some images of her work.  I highly encourage you to check out her Etsy shop and her website,

Art by Susanna Shap


Comments on: "Susanna Shap – ModernHouseArt" (4)

  1. Alexandru Rusu said:

    Hey! Your art is very beautiful. Amazing I must say… Can I ask you how do you make the last kind of painting, the one with multicolor scales?

    • I cannot take credit for this art, for it was done by the artist Susanna Shap. I was merely featuring her artwork. I suggest visiting Susanna’s website or Etsy page and asking her directly.
      If I were to hypothesize how she made the multicolored scales, I would guess that she did an abstract painting on canvas, using multi-colored oils and a palette knife. I suspect that after letting the paint dry, she cut the canvas into the small shapes you see, and glued them together to look like scales/alligator skin. This however is all guesswork. The true answers would come from the artist herself.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      • Thank you for your answer! I figured that out how she do it. I now use a 3 millimeters polystyrene board as a stencil… it’s the easiest way. I appreciate a lot that you created a page only for featuring susanna. I believe that she’s a great artist, a bestseller. I like her a lot, she’s my idol.
        I have some pieces, too. Would you like to check them out? I wrote my etsy profile on the website capcha.

    • ck davis said:

      That would be with a stencil. Can remember the website, but search something like crocodile skin stencil…

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