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Fusions Glass Studio

business cardOn January 6th I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting Fusions Glass Studio in Eagle, Idaho.  Because it was the first Friday of the month, I also was able to experience what they call “First Friday.”  The first Friday of the month they are open for extended hours and open up their studio to crafters of all experience levels.  Their tools and materials are available for use, and knowledgeable studio helpers are on hand to help out.  The best part is all visitors are welcomed to make a free glass pendant during their visit on First Friday.  Other projects are available of course, for varying fees.

Three pendants for $15 + First Friday free pendant

I greatly enjoyed my experience at Fusions.  The staff was very helpful, including the owner’s very knowledgable daughter.  She was so friendly, enthusiastic, and professional, for a ten-year old (I think that’s what they said her age was)!  The helpers were very attentive, and the atmosphere was great.  A lot of people, like myself, chose to make pendants.  After agonizing over my design for what seemed like forever, I made my first pendant.  Then, because I had so many other ideas, I chose to make three more for $15.

Aside from the pendant project, they also offer a variety of other walk-in projects on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays:

  • $15 – 3 jewelry pendants or magnets or 3×4 suncatcher
  • $25 – picture frame
  • $25 – night light
  • $25 – 7×7 sun catcher
  • $25 – 4 drawer pulls
  • $25 – 3 wire wrapped Christmas trees
  • $30 – draped votive holder
  • $35 – 6×6 dish
  • $35 – Name Sign
  • $35 – Pencil holder or treasure box (NEW)

They also offer Technique Tuesdays, open studio, and classes.  Check out their website for more information, including specific days and hours.  If you’re interested, also follow their facebook page.

If this post wasn’t clear enough, I really enjoyed my experience at Fusions and I recommend them to you.  I hope I’ll be able to return and experience more of what they have to offer.


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