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Juan Siddi Flamenco

Wednesday night I enjoyed another presentation by the Caldwell Fine Arts.  I went to watch an enchanting presentation by the Juan Siddi Flamenco Company.

I was astounded at the dexterity of the dancers, and the speed of their toe-tapping feet.  But what I think I found most surprising was the importance of the dancers’ hands.  Juan and the ladies alike all used their hands in subtle, expressive movements.  Tiny changes in their finger positions and twists of their wrists were surprisingly elegant and seductive.

I admired the dresses of the female dancers.  Brightly colored fabrics with wild patterns added energy to the performance.  Some of the dresses had long, full skirts covered in colorful ruffles.  These drug behind the dancers and swung through the air by carefully aimed kicks.  I also enjoyed all the fringes incorporated into the costumes, including the fringed shawls draped around the shoulders and waists of the female dancers.  Juan Siddi also wore a scarf with fringed ends, which emphasized the movement of his dance.

The music, the singing, the dance, the costumes – all wove their magic together, leaving me frozen in my seat, eyes wide open to the experience.  I highly recommend the Juan Siddi Flamenco Company, as well as any other Flamenco performances you might be lucky enough to watch.


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