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I don’t often feature music on my blog.  In fact, this may be my first music post. (Note to self, feature more music!)  This hasn’t been intentional.  I just tend to be drawn (haha see what I did there?) to the visual fine arts more than those of performing arts.  Let it be known that I consider music just as much art as the stuff that goes on canvas.  My schema of art encompasses a wide range of hobbies and activities, from the more traditional things like music and drama, to less traditional things like carpentry and cooking.

But I seem to be running on tangents and dancing around the subject.  The point of this post is to share a fantastic Star Wars Orchestra Flash Mob.  That’s right.  I said orchestra.  The only flash mobs I’ve seen before are those that involve dancing and singing.  So this was a refreshing new perspective.  To watch this amazing feat of seemingly random improvised design, click this link or the one above.

According to Urban Dictionary, a flashmob is “when a large group of people suddenly come together and perform some sort of action, which draws an audience very quickly.  After they perform the stunt, the group of people quickly disperse.”

My favorite part about flash mobs is how it makes everyone hurrying and scurrying around slow down, stop, and admire something beautiful.  It’s a very intrusive art form, but a very pleasant one.  People generally seem very welcome to the seemingly improvised performance.  It brings them laughter and smiles.  Any form of art which makes a busy society slow down and appreciate something creative is a form of art which I applaud.  So take a moment of your time to go watch and listen to the Star Wars Flashmob.

…and oh yeah, may the Force be with you.


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