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Avengers – High Tech Art

Everyone’s busy raving about The Hobbit, or Life of Pi, or the upcoming Les Miserables, but it wasn’t too long ago the must-see movie was The Avengers.  I myself got to experience it on the big screen (Woooo Joss Whedon) and almost got to go twice.  I came across this fascinating feature about the design of the “glass screen” interactive holographic control panels of the Helicarrier and Iron Man’s suit in The Avengers.

User Interface panels on the Helicarrier

Those control panels at first seem to play a relatively small role in the movie (though Jayse credits them as appearing in 70% of the movie).  In fact, you might not give them a second thought.  But that’s why they’re a success.  You delay disbelief, for the panels were designed to look authentically high-tech.  They look really spiffy and thus fit right in to the setting of the movie.  Please visit the webpage and enjoy the full selection of images in full size, high quality.

Somebody had to put a lot of thought into the design of these.  That person was largely Jayse Hansen.

Jayse Hansen is a freelance visual artist working remotely from Las Vegas, NV for film and television. He has built a solid reputation as a creative-art director for print, web and motion design with clients ranging from Symantec to MTV and Fox. His latest work has been in the specialized niche area of fictional UI (FUI) and data design for feature films such as 2012, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Avengers.

But Jayse humbly makes sure to share credit with his creative partners:

Add on note – I’m all about giving credit where credit is due (mainly because I’ve never gotten credit until this film – screen designers typically don’t unfortunately.)

A lot of people are giving me sole credit for everything designed in the film – but I don’t deserve that much credit. I like to always mention that I was part of a small elite crime-fighting team called Cantina Creative.

Visual Effects Producer
Sean Cushing
Creative Director
Stephen Lawes
Visual Effects Supervisor
Venti Hristova
Visual Effects Coordinator
Lilly Shapiro
Assistant Coordinator
Jason Ramsey

“Club Suave” badass Design and Animation team
Jonathan Ficcadenti
Alan Torres
Navarro Parker
Sang Shin
Asuka Ashizawa
Takashi Takeoka
Sarah Blank
Lukas Weyandt
Leon Nowlin
Jayse Hansen

Helicarrier Damage Report

I’m going to include some of the “image dump” from Jayse’s website, seen here.  Be sure to check it out for all of the beautiful images, and the full artist’s statement.  In short, he described it as:

This page represents just a small part of what I did in my 7 months buried in the Avengers Universe, and an even smaller part of what the entire team did for the film. There’s also the Loki search monitors, the on-screen playback monitors, stark devices and the science lab monitors (which just used my designs as the foundation framework.)

We had a ton to do – these screens are seen in over 70% of the film, and I’m proud of what our team pulled off under the guidance of the always awesome Venti Hristova.

Just to be on the safe side, I want to declare that I make no claims to this, and all rights reserved to Avengers TM & © 2012 Marvel and Subs and pertinent parties.  I just wanted to spread the appreciation for these stunningly designed CG and the brilliant minds behind it.  You can find more of Jayse Hansen’s work here.

Iron Man Red Alert

Iron Man Suit Screen


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