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You’re In Luck

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Art fans are in luck, because Trinity College has released a new digital version of the Book of Kells, free for viewing online!

The Book of Kells transparencies, originally captured by Faksimile Verlag, Lucerne, Switzerland in 1990, have recently been rescanned using state of the art imaging technology. These new digital images offer the most accurate high resolution images to date, providing an experience second only to viewing the book in person.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on the Book of Kells, so I’ll send you to Wikipedia to learn more about it.  What I do know comes from the many art history classes I have taken, where it is mentioned quite often.  This ancient manuscript is beautiflly illustrated with Celtic knots and gold leafing.  The details are so painstakingly wrought, I cannot even begin to imagine how much time was invested in it  (zoom in extra close to appreciate the tiny brushstrokes!).  If you have a moment, drop by the digital version of the book and appreciate the work of the Celtic monks, “widely regarded as Ireland’s finest national treasure.”

Page from the Book of Kells, from Wikimedia Commons


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