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On February 17th, 2011 I first blogged about the inside security tint envelope, also known as the security pattern envelope.  Little did I know that it would be such a popular post!  As of publishing, that original post has attracted 1,043 views, making it the second most popular subject on my blog, and the third most viewed page of my blog!  I sure am glad to know I’m not the only one who finds these patterns interesting.

After my Envelope Inspiration post I wrote about security patterns a couple more times, sharing my growing collection (and other people’s collections) and a Father’s Day craft using the patterns.  Despite these posts, the original continues to be the most popular to date.  After posting on the subject I began to collect the patterns in earnest.  Since those posts about two years ago, my collection has grown substantially.  Tonight I spent some time scanning my collection, and I have 77 different patterns.* My collection has been amassed through my personal mail as well as envelopes acquired through the family business.  To this day I continue to be on the lookout, and opening mail to discover a new pattern is always like finding hidden treasure.

*The number of patterns I have in my collection is disputable because I consider patterns of the same motif but different in scale, ink color, or print density to be different patterns.  For example, a weave pattern in blue and black I consider to be two different patterns, and a tight weave and a loose weave I consider to be two different patterns. (As a disclaimer, there is the possibility that I accidentally scanned the same one twice because I was too tired to notice.)

Because my viewers find the security pattern envelopes to be so fascinating, I’ll treat you with an update of my collection.  I encourage you to visit my older posts on the subject, as well as the collections of other people listed on a separate post.  If you know of a sizeable collection of envelope security patterns available for viewing on the internet, I’d love to hear your recommendations!  Just post in the comments below.


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