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Too Inspired to Sleep, Too Tired to Create

So there’s a tumblr website I absolutely have to share with y’all.  It’s called F*** Yeah Art Student Owl.  Despite the obscenity in the title, it’s a really amazing collection of art student memes.  The first time I discovered the website I was at my parents’ house, and they finally had to come into the room to see why I was laughing so much.  I showed it to my mom and she sort of got it, but it really has the greatest impact on art students.  It’s like an entire website devoted to the inside jokes and awkward situations art students have to deal with all the time.

I’m going to select some of my favorite memes to include here, but there’s more to be found at . It’s regularly updated too, so you can always look forward to more art student owl genius.

*disclaimer* Some of the memes are a bit crude, with obscene language and adult humor.  I’d rate the website as PG-13.  View with discretion.

Remember, all credit goes to F**** Yeah Art Student Owl and Kendra Wells for creating the meme in 2011!


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