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What is washi tape?

Image Source: leboxboutique on Etsy

What is washi tape?

That’s a question I found myself asking after my favorite blogger Alisa Burke featured a guest post by Liz Lamoreux.  Lamoreux’s daughter enjoyed experimenting with washi tape in a journal, like her mom.  But I was left scratching my head, because I didn’t know what washi tape was.

With a little bit of digging and help from SheKnows, I found out that washi-tape is a decorative paper tape made from natural fibers that comes in a mindblowing variety of colors and patterns.  Crafters like to use the stuff in sketchbooks and scrapbooks, but also come up with some pretty ingenious ways of using the tape.  Apparently washi tape is trending right now, and I somehow missed the memo.  Maybe you did too, and this is news to you.

Now that I’m in-the-know, I’m pretty excited to try it out.  My first project?  I’m going to try and make flags for marking my textbooks with, rather than the ridiculously overpriced ones already on the market.

Were you already on the washi tape bandwagon?  Do you consider yourself to be a washi tape master?  Send me your favorite uses for washi tape and I might feature it on my blog in the future.


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