one woman's view into a world of creativity

About the Artist

Netnoe, who currently desires to remain semi-anonymous for privacy, graduated from the College of Idaho in 20133 with a Bachelor of Arts.  She majored in art with minors in education, psychology, and natural sciences.  Netnoe is currently pursuing a Masters in the Art of Teaching and certification to teach high-school art.  Inspired at a young age by her artistic mother, Netnoe has been doing creative projects her whole life.  She loves to dabble in every medium available to her, including unorthodox materials, but acrylic painting is her current favorite.  Continually enamored with the beauty of life and nature, these sources of inspiration often color her work.  A self-confessed perfectionist, Netnoe enjoys focusing on details in her artwork to get viewers to slow down in a busy society and pause to admire the simple things, learning about themselves and the world in the process.


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