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Twisted Princess by J Thomas

I came across a series by Jeffrey Thomas which he calls “Twisted Princess” on his portfolio page.  If you’re into the recent zombie craze and also happen to love Disney movies, you’ll like this series.  Thomas is taking Disney princesses, and other Disney heroines, and adding an undead/malevolent twist to them.  I’ll share a sneak-peek of his Twisted Princess art here, but as usual, I like to give the artists credit and direct traffic to their webpages.  Mosey on over to Jeffrey Thomas’s portfolio and see the rest of the Twisted Princesses.  He has posted nearly twenty in total.

Jeffrey Thomas is a character designer and story artist from Burbank California.

Mulan – Twisted Princess by Jeffrey Thomas

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Twisted Princess by Jeffrey Thomas

The Little Mermaid – Twisted Princess by Jeffrey Thomas


Art History by Incidental Comics

A few brief lessons on art history, thanks to Grant Snider of Incidental Comics.

Exhibitions and Trails

The work of Carne Giffiths is entrancing, and the unorthodox materials make them even more fascinating. One of my favorite parts of this artist’s work is the strategic absence of line in some areas of the figure, which allows the positive and negative spaces to merge while the viewer’s eye connects the dots and completes the image.

Carne Griffiths Blog

It’s a crazy busy time for seeing artwork!! As well as the solo exhibition which is now in it’s second week at Ink’d gallery in Brighton, this weekend sees the closing of the East17 arts Trail and the opening of the nearby Wanstead Arts Trail, and next week sees the opening of the Wing Assignment at Red Bull Studios featuring over 40 artists work and showing the new piece 2 for Joy.


The exhibition at Ink’d is the biggest collection of work I have shown to date and also the most focused.  The workreflects on a hectic 2012 and is a reaction and contemplation of events that have had an effect on the early part of this year.  I won’t lie.. it’s been a tough time, emotionally it has been a roller coaster year with massive highs, and some really difficult times too.  The work reflects this quite openly. The shards of…

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Fantastic Photography!

It recently came to my attention that I have a lot of incredible photographers in my life.  Really, if I ever need any photos taken I’m going to be hard pressed to choose!  I’m continually impressed by their high quality work, so I’d like to share them with you.  Enjoy!

Recycled Ornaments and Projects Continued…


Lately a lot of my views have come from search engine results for recycled Christmas ornaments, or ornaments from plastic bottles.  They (happily) end up at my blog, being directed to my Recycled Ornaments post.  Curious as to what else such searches might turn up, I toddled off to Google search.

Denim ornaments from Michele Made Me

One result led me to a blog called Michele Made Me.  This woman’s creativity is just stunning, and better yet, most of her projects are made from reused materials!  If you’re interested in making more recycled ornaments, be sure to check out her denim Christmas tree tutorial, toilet paper tube ornaments tutorial, and her plastic bottle ornament tutorial.  Nevermind, just visit her entire blog!  There are lots of amazing Christmas decoration ideas handcrafted from reused materials.  Personally, her feast of the flowers series was my favorite.

motherboard ornaments featured on Our Everyday Earth

Next I came upon a noteworthy Flickr album featuring reused glass bottle ornaments very similar to my foundation bottle ornament in my Recycled Ornaments post.

Another article featured a variety of different reused material ornaments.  My favorites were the “motherboard” ornaments and the ones made out of bike chains.

If you have any recycled material ornament ideas you’d like to share, please speak up!  That’s it for now.  Maybe next time I’ll search YouTube for more sustainable ornament crafts!


12 Reasons

Blogger Alpha Highway captures in a few beautiful words why art is so special, and why it moves me so deeply.  If you love art as well, or wonder why in the world I’m so obsessed with art, check it out –> 12 Reasons Why Pursue Art

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