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I went for a walk yesterday and found myself attracted to the patterns and shapes carved into the furrows at the bottom of the field.  As the water flows downhill it erodes intricate layers into the soil.  When I started to take pictures up-close with my camera, I was struck by how they almost become miniature canyons.
















A New (School) Year

For those mysterious beings called “followers” who supposedly read my blog, this summer was a disappointment.  But life is unpredictable.  Wait, scratch that.  The one predictable element of my life is that I’m always BUSY!  Work pretty much overloaded me towards the end of the summer, which accounts for the measly one post I made in August.

But now I’m back at school, and although I’ll remain ridiculously busy, I do hope to at least punch out a few artsy blog posts now and then.  One of the exciting aspects of this year at school (I’m a Junior – eep!) is that I’m taking an advanced studies painting class.  The way this works is I have to create a contract vaguely detailing what I plan to do for the twelve weeks of this term.  I have to pursue projects related to some central theme, and then twice a week I meet with other individuals in the same boat to share my work and theirs and share words of critique wisdom.  At first this was debilitating freeing, because I always have teachers to tell me what to do.  And suddenly I didn’t.  For twelve weeks.  I had absolutely no idea of what to do.  But eventually, after much racking of the brain and a meeting with my professor, I decided to paint landscapes.  I love to draw/paint things from nature, such as flowers and animals, so this was like an extension of that but from more of a macro view.  I’ve actually done very few landscapes.  So I’ll be painting in my faithful acrylics as well as experimenting with new oil paints and water-soluble oil paints, both of which I’ve never tried before.  It’s sure to be an eye-opening experience.  To liven up the experience I plan to paint various landscapes from around where I grew up, ones important to me.  I’ll also try reworking a few prior paintings, paint in a more stylized approach, work in different sizes of canvas, and limit myself with a few color schemes.  So I’ll try to keep anyone reading updated with occasional posts about my progress.  So until then, cheers!

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