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Artistic Growth

I found an amazing article on 22 Words that shows the artistic progression of Mark Allante.  From age two to twenty-five, he shares samples of his artwork.  I love this concept because it shows that good artists aren’t just born that way.  They start with scribbles, just like everyone else.  This collection of drawings demonstrates the importance of practice over years and years.  I’m a big advocate of this idea.  I hear lots of people lament at how poor they are at drawing or painting, and I want to ask them “How long did you work at it?  Did you practice?”  Just like any skill, whether it be running, singing, writing, or dancing, it takes a lot of time and effort to improve your talent.  I appreciate the generosity of Mr. Allante for sharing his artistic progression with the world.  It inspires me to want to create something similar.

So how about you?  What do you think is your greatest talent?  When did you first start, and how many years of practice have you invested in your skill?

An Artist’s Progression from 2 Years Old to 25

From 2 years Old…

Marc Allante’s drawings, at two years old.

…to 25 years old.

Marc Allante’s work at 25 years old.

Follow the link to see the whole progression!

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