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Twisted Princess by J Thomas

I came across a series by Jeffrey Thomas which he calls “Twisted Princess” on his portfolio page.  If you’re into the recent zombie craze and also happen to love Disney movies, you’ll like this series.  Thomas is taking Disney princesses, and other Disney heroines, and adding an undead/malevolent twist to them.  I’ll share a sneak-peek of his Twisted Princess art here, but as usual, I like to give the artists credit and direct traffic to their webpages.  Mosey on over to Jeffrey Thomas’s portfolio and see the rest of the Twisted Princesses.  He has posted nearly twenty in total.

Jeffrey Thomas is a character designer and story artist from Burbank California.

Mulan – Twisted Princess by Jeffrey Thomas

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Twisted Princess by Jeffrey Thomas

The Little Mermaid – Twisted Princess by Jeffrey Thomas

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