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Photographer Gets Strangers to Connect


Banksy Pranks Again

Banksy hires an older gentleman to sell genuine Banksy art for the small price of $60.  Without the label, the art went unrecognized and only a few pieces sold.  Imagine those people if they ever realize what their purchases are worth.


500 Years of Female Portraits in Art

A beautiful evolution throughout art history.


Wayne Thiebaud Perspective

CBS Presents a profile of artist Wayne Thiebaud.


Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman’s words of advice: Make Good Art


Bob Ross Remixed

I remember watching Bob Ross paint when I was a kid. I was too young to get much from it, but I was starved for art and this helped give me a dose of it.

This song is mostly for kicks and giggles, but it does have a good message – If you believe in yourself, and practice, you can make art. This is something I’m always trying to communicate to my friends and students, who all too often discount themselves with the phrase “I can’t even draw a stick figure.” You have to believe in yourself first, to give it a chance. Thanks for believing in us, Bob Ross. RIP.


On a side note, school has started again and I’m student teaching as well as pursuing my Master’s degree, so the frequency of posts on this blog is probably going to go down for a while.  I hope you’ll still stop by now and then.


Untooning Jessica Rabbit

This is both fascinating and creepy at the same time. It was uploaded by YouTube user pixeloo, who asks that viewers visit his blog.

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